Michael Shine & Partners

Tax planning, the establishment and taxation of Trusts & Legal Structures

The firm has earned an international reputation amongst the international professional community dealing in this unique field, and operates as a “one stop shop”, providing not only the complex planning of family assets in the interest of asset protection and family wealth preservation and the preparation of documents for various legal structures, but in addition the firm has access to (in-house) foreign trust companies, which are fully licensed and exclusively and solely serve the clients of the firm (in Zurich, Liechtenstein, the British Virgin Islands, the British Channel Islands, etc.). Furthermore, together with the team of compliance officers, proficient in the opening of accounts, the global environment of due diligence, and the various banking regulations, the firm specializes in the unique field of providing exclusive private banking services for the opening of accounts for various legal structures in Israel and overseas, inter alia, through banking institutions with whom the firm works, the Family Office and a Swiss investment portfolio management company owned by the partners of the firm.

The firm also specializes in the incorporation of foreign companies in a range of territories, including companies which provide benefits under various tax conventions. To complete the service, the firm also provides, through foreign service companies, directorship services, secretarial services, etc. In certain cases, and upon request, the firm staff are experienced in setting up private trust companies for families interested in such.

The firm has extensive experience and knowledge in providing tax advice and guidance to its clients, and has recently been emphasizing tax planning and advice to clients in all matters regarding trust taxation in Israel and the accompanying reporting to the tax authorities, as well as comprehensive advice to returning residents and new immigrants in all matters regarding trusts, tax exemptions and any issue involved with these matters. In order to complete the service for its clients, the firm has enlisted into its service, top-drawer tax experts, who have previously worked with the tax authorities, who provide assistance and backup in everything regarding contact with the tax authorities, for the purpose of the various reports, as well as a unique specialization in “pre-rulings” for trusts, undertakings in accordance with law for reporting in Israel, and voluntary disclosure proceedings.