Michael Shine & Partners

Estate planning and Asset protection

The firm advises on all aspects of international estate planning for the preservation and protection of assets and private wealth. Our expert team specializes in the establishment of family trusts and their administration, with an acute awareness of international tax considerations for families with beneficiaries in varying jurisdictions. When there is a need for consultation with local advisors in the various jurisdictions, the firm has the ability to consult with its network of expert professional advisors, inter alia by virtue of the fact that the firm is a member of the International Tax Planning Association and International Bar Association, to obtain and centrally collate advice for the client.

Thus, for example, a family which is spread out throughout the world with assets in various jurisdictions, is able to obtain through us a comprehensive advice that incorporates the advice of the numerous advisors in the relevant jurisdictions and will simplify the task of identifying the appropriate family structure, which will provide the required estate planning and asset protection for the preservation and transmission of the family wealth, but also, and no less importantly, understanding and complying with the various tax and regulatory requirements in the various related countries.

Of course, the firm’s staff always places an emphasis on understanding the requirements of the family, learning to know the internal relations, the desire or need to maintain the family wealth for the future generations, and giving attention to thinking ahead for the next generations, with a sensitivity and understanding of the family’s needs to receive personal and discrete services.