Michael Shine & Partners

Real Estate

The firm’s real estate department handles all aspects of real estate transactions, both in the business sector and in the private sector. The firm specializes in representing families and individuals who are not Israeli residents and accompanying them in all matters relating to the purchase of real estate in Israel.

The firm has acquired a great deal of experience in commercial and private real estate transactions and in the sale and/or purchase of land involving various stages of planning, whilst emphasizing the tax solutions in all aspects (capital gains tax, dividends tax, property betterment tax, property improvement levies, etc.), whether concerning individuals who are Israeli residents or foreign residents and companies.

Moreover, the firm regularly advises a number of foreign investors operating in the private, commercial and hotel property markets, both in Israel and overseas.

The real estate department places an emphasis on each and every stage of the various proceedings in real estate transactions, and accompanies the clients already from the first stages of the transaction, emphasizing quality and professionalism and carrying out the appropriate comprehensive checks, up until the final stage, as well as representation before the relevant authorities, such as the Land Registration Office, the Israel Land Administration Authorities, the Tax Authorities and the Municipal Authorities.

The real estate department handles, inter alia, the following matters:

Legal advice on land transactions of all types, including purchase and sale transactions, both from the contractor and second-hand, purchase groups, options, rental contracts, etc.

Real estate purchases through a trust company and the implementation of the relevant tax convention, as well as transfers from a trustee to a beneficiary and transfers for no consideration.

Representation of families and individuals who are not Israeli residents in respect of everything involved in the purchase of real estate in Israel.

The real estate department works seamlessly with other departments in the firm, operating in parallel and in full cooperation to coordinate all relevant advice including tax advice.