‘We are a one-stop shop for individuals and families worldwide that require cross-border tax and estate planning,” says Adv. Shira Shine, senior partner at Michael Shine & Partners.

The firm was founded in 1977 by Michael Shine, who passed away earlier this year. An international leader in his field, he represented private clients from around the globe, including high net worth individuals and multinational families, offering a full range of services for asset protection needs, family generational tax planning, and private banking requirements.

Most of the firm’s clients are from English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, England, and the United States, as well as from Europe. “We come from the culture of the Anglo-Saxon community,” says Shira Shine, “and we have a lot of experience with the culture of multinational families.”

The firm boasts an expert group of more than 60 staff members in its Herzliya Pituah headquarters. It offers a full range of services for high net worth families and individuals, such as tax planning, local and international real estate purchases and financing, private equity and industrial investments, private banking, and drawing up wills, handling deceased estates and preparing enduring power of attorney documents. “We don’t outsource anything. It’s all done in-house,” Shine stresses.

Michael Shine & Partners provides valuable guidance to its clients in four main areas: international tax and estate planning; real estate; banking and finance; and succession and inheritance.

  • The firm has extensive experience providing advice to clients regarding trust taxation in Israel and the accompanying reporting to the tax authorities. It offers comprehensive guidance for returning residents and new immigrants in all matters relating to individual reporting and taxation, trusts and foundations, tax exemptions, and any factors  involved with these issues.
  • It expertly handles a full range of Israeli real estate acquisitions and disposals, such as corporate and tax treaty structures, and specializes in domestic and commercial land acquisitions through the medium of corporate trust structures.
  • Michael Shine & Partners represents foreign financial institutions, advising on various aspects of international banking procedures and issuing legal opinions.
  • The firm specializes in drafting and advising clients on their local and international wills, coordinating with foreign counsel concerning specific jurisdictions, probating foreign wills in Israel, the administration of estates of deceased foreigners (both testate and intestate), and drafting and executing the full range of enduring power of attorney documents, which was recently introduced into Israeli law.

Michael Shine & Partners is part of the Shine Group, which has earned an outstanding reputation for professionalism and top-quality service, providing complex family wealth preservation services, with its fully licensed foreign trust companies, asset management companies, and service companies, which exclusively serve the clients of the Shine Group.

In addition to the firm’s private clientele from all over the world, which includes high net worth individuals and families, as well as family wealth funds, the Shine Group’s clients include many international companies and financial institutions, as well as foreign trade risk insurers and real estate companies controlled by foreign structures that hold commercial and residential properties in Israel. The Shine Group has received numerous awards and is highly rated internationally as one of the leading private client groups. The group also operates Alphen Asset Management A.G., located in Zurich, which is fully licensed by the Swiss regulator to manage investment portfolios.

Ultimately, says Shine, the quality of service and professionalism practiced by the firm and the dedicated service that it provides its clients set it apart from the competition. “We have very strong and long-standing relationships with our clients that go beyond the legal profession, and our professionalism is reflected in the work that we do worldwide,” she asserts.