Michael Shine & Partners is a leader in Israel in international and local tax planning, taxation of trusts, multinational family asset protection and structuring and estate planning

Michael Shine & Partners is one of the leading and most well established law firms in Israel in the Private Client field, specializing in international tax planning, the establishment and administration of trusts, trust taxation and the appropriate reporting to the tax authorities, multi-national asset protection, family wealth preservation, and general legal counsel for multi-national families.

  • MICHAEL SHINE, Founder (1946-2020)

    A graduate of University College in London and a member of the English bar, he founded the firm in 1977. Michael Shine Founded the firm in 1977. He had an international reputation in all matters of international tax planning, structuring and protection of multi-national family asset holdings, trust law and the administration of trusts. Adv. Shine was an international authority on international private banking and also served as a member of the board of directors of a number of foreign private banks. Our beloved Michael, a man of humility and who strived for righteousness, was and is still loved and admired by all who met him. Michael was an esteemed lawyer with exceptional wisdom and sensitivity towards his clients. We undertake to preserve his legacy and to continue on his noble and special path. Michael was deeply loved by his family, partners and employees, and we grieve his absence each and every day.


    Specialising, with an international reputation, in the fields of multi-national family asset protection and cross-border estate planning, trust law, the establishment and administration of trusts, international taxation, trust taxation in accordance with Israeli tax rules, and family wealth preservation and management, including the drafting of documents for various family structures including will trusts, and wills for assets situated in multifarious jurisdictions. Adv. Shine is a member of STEP and served as chairman of the trusts committee of the Israel Bar Association. She has published and regularly publishes articles in leading journals in Israel and around the world, on the subject of international taxation, trust taxation and the use of trusts as an instrument to protect family assets. Shira is designated as an expert in international taxation and trusts in leading international rankings. She acts as trusted advisor for only a select number of families, making sure that she is available whenever needed, with her finger on the pulse to be able to provide the very best advice in any particular situation. Shira has been advising HNW families for the last two decades and has a strong international reputation for being able to provide innovative, tailored and effective solutions.

  • Alon Shine

    A graduate of the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya, holding two degrees, one in law (LL.B.) and one in business (B.A.), specialising in finance. Alon specialises in family wealth preservation and management, financial investments including hedge funds, venture capital funds and bespoke financial instruments, international real estate, start-up transactions, international and private banking, corporate & M&A and escrow services.

  • Trevor Silverman

    Trevor holds an undergraduate degree in law (LL.B.) from Queen Mary University in London (2005) and is a dual qualified and practising Solicitor in England and Wales (2009) and Israeli Advocate (2014). Trevor specialises in multi-jurisdictional national family asset protection, trust law, establishment and administration of trusts, wills, estates and inheritance, corporate and trust structuring, corporate transactions, and compliance & CRS.

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